School Resource Officers Advance Safety through Relationship-Based Policing

SROs and relationship-based policing

The Virginia House of Delegates has agreed to a set of school safety recommendations produced by a special committee appointed after the mass violence at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida in February 2018.

Among the recommendations is increased funding for school resource officers (SROs). Secure Schools Alliance Executive Director Robert Boyd spoke with the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s Justin Mattingly about the recommendations and the important role SROs play in advancing school safety. Boyd noted that SROs should be trained and invested in the schools they protect.

The article also reads in part:

“It’s a calling, just like teaching,” Boyd said. “Police officers that want to be in schools need to be involved in what we’re now calling relationship-based policing.

“They ought to be involved in the everyday life of a school. They’re not just there to enforce the law – they’re really there to have this relationship-based policing with our youngest citizens.”

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