A Note on Door Safety Solutions from Michele Gay

At a recent school meeting, a parent was excited to share a revelation: perhaps those door-jamming mechanisms in hotels – the ones that swing into place – could be an easy, affordable way to secure doors at schools. While I love hearing suggestions from parents (after all, we all have a role to play in school safety), I had to explain why this type of solution actually puts students in danger, rather than protecting them. It broke my heart to dampen her enthusiasm, but I had to educate her about the importance of building and fire safety codes, Americans With Disabilities compliance, and unintended usage of barricade devices.

Michele GayWe have so much more work to do to educate parents, teachers, and the entire school community about door safety. Thankfully, with the generous support of the Door Safety & Security Foundation, we have facts to tackle door lock myths and misconceptions. Help us educate others by sharing this post or my recent blog post and video. Let’s eliminate confusion and hone in on safety solutions that are legal and time-tested.

And please, let’s keep talking. I love hearing how you have been able to make a difference in your community. So whether we meet at an event, chat over social media, or exchange emails, we want to hear from you. Because of you, our movement is gaining momentum, and together, we are honoring Joey and Emilie by helping schools improve their crisis prevention, response and recovery capabilities.

Thank you for your time, and for helping us raise awareness for this important cause.

Michele Gay, Co-founder and executive director, Safe and Sound Schools