Insights, Lessons from CSSC School Safety and Mental Health Briefing

On April 11, 2019, the Secure Schools Alliance co-hosted a briefing with the Congressional School Safety Caucus, “The Importance of Mental Health in Comprehensive School Safety and Security Efforts.” The panel briefing and discussion was moderated by Alliance Board Member Michele Gay.

“In the current climate, when we hear the term school safety, many people immediately think of school shootings, high-profile mass shootings like recently in Parkland and ours in Sandy Hook. These are horrific and even one is unacceptable. But school shootings are actually statistically rare, and we’ve learned through our work…that the unique safety needs of each community are unique.”

The wide-ranging discussion touched on topics including:

  • The most pressing school safety issues beyond school shootings
  • Effective district-level policies and programs
  • Teacher and staff resources and training
  • Real-world examples of best practices in school safety and security
  • The important interaction between SROs and mental health professionals

“Culture of care is what comes to mind,” said Gay during the discussion. “We’re cultivating this shared culture of taking care of one another and making sure that each and every child and staff member in our community is truly safe, psychologically and physically.”

Watch the full video of the CSSC briefing below.