Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

The Alliance envisions a world where children and teachers go to schools that balance safety and security with welcoming learning environments.

Our Mission

To improve our nation’s school security infrastructure, security technology and life safety systems as an important way to help protect our children and teachers. To do this, we convene education, public safety, fire, police, policy makers, parents, industry and community organizations with a focus on the physical safety and security of our nation’s schools.

To accomplish its mission, the Alliance provides policy makers, educators, fire, police, first responders, parents and the public with research and education related to improving the safety and security of America’s K-12 infrastructure. It also assists policy makers in setting agendas designed to improve the safety and security of our schools, and is working with partners to create a national forum to identify best practices as well as to create a body to consolidate codes and standards, policies and procedures to guide industry and those responsible for educational facilities.

The Alliance achieves its vision by providing and assisting educators, parents and policy makers with research and education related to the safety and security of America’s educational infrastructure.

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