FREquently asked questions

The Secure Schools Alliance (the Alliance) is a non-profit organization created to convene education, public safety, fire prevention, law enforcement, policy makers, parents, industry and community organizations and address the physical safety and security of our nation’s schools. It’s our mission to improve our schools’ security infrastructure, security technology and life safety systems as one channel to better protect our kids and teachers.

Prior to the Alliance, no other organization was focused on school infrastructure and technology needs as a part of the holistic approach to school security. Simply put, physical safety and security is where we see a need to make a difference and are able to do so. By building on the expertise of the founding sponsors, the Alliance has added leaders from a variety of security expertise (e.g., educational facilities, critical infrastructure protection, community-based policing, fire prevention and safety) to assist it in fulfilling its mission.

Allegion, Axis Communications, dormakaba, Door Safety and Security Foundation, and Johnson Controls (JCI) sponsor the Alliance.

The Alliance partners with a number of other organizations who are active on the topic of school security. Explore our partners page to learn more.

Yes, the Alliance is classified as non-profit educational organization by section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code. The Alliance also holds a 501(c)(4).

Yes, the 501(c)(3) advocates for legislation on a limited basis and within IRS guidelines on lobbying for non-profit organizations. The Alliance also has a 501(c)(4) that can advocate.

The Alliance believes decisions about solutions for schools are, ultimately, best made at the state and local levels. However, educators are not often trained in facility safety and security. There are valuable practices, policies and procedures from across the country that can help inform decisions by local school leaders. A key part of the Alliance’s mission is to provide and assist educators, parents, and policy makers with important research and educational information related to the safety and security of America’s schools.