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Police Foundation Releases New Reports on Averted School Violence

The Police Foundation recently released two studies delivering findings from the Averted School Violence (ASV) database. The Foundation’s Center for Mass Violence Response Studies, in collaboration with the U.S. Justice Department COPS Office, implemented the ASV database to provide a platform for sharing information about averted incidents of violence in institutions of elementary, secondary, and

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A Note on Door Safety Solutions from Michele Gay

At a recent school meeting, a parent was excited to share a revelation: perhaps those door-jamming mechanisms in hotels – the ones that swing into place – could be an easy, affordable way to secure doors at schools. While I love hearing suggestions from parents (after all, we all have a role to play in

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DHS Releases K-12 Active Shooter Exercise Starter Kits

The Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Academic Engagement (OAE) has released Exercise Starter Kits for the K-12 community focused on an active shooter incident as part of the Campus Resilience (CR) Program. The Exercise Starter kits were developed in support of the Department’s school safety efforts, including its work with the Federal Commission on

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Final Report of the Federal Commission on School Safety_cover

Statement on Federal School Safety Commission’s 2018 Final Report

On December 18, 2018, the Federal Commission on School Safety’s final report was released, proposing best practices and policy recommendations for improving school safety. The Alliance focuses on improving security infrastructure, security technology and life safety systems as part of a holistic approach to stopping school violence. “The Commission’s final report contains a range of

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