Alliance Reports

The Secure Schools Alliance develops reports, issue briefs and fact sheets to inform discussions and research on school safety and security. Explore below.

Issue Briefs for K-12 Learning Institutions and Law Enforcement

Starting the Conversation on School Safety

All of us have a vested interest in protecting the schools in our communities. Nationwide, these institutions stand as monuments to the freedoms and hopes we have as Americans. Read more.

Partner Roles and Responsibilities for Securing Schools 

Stakeholders throughout the community have important support roles to play in school preparedness and security, and can help further the conversation about improving security standards. Read more.

Secure Schools are Part of Healthy Learning Environments

The physical security of schools is not just critical to protecting against all types of incidents of school violence, it is an integral part of promoting healthy learning environments for America’s children. Read more.

The Alliance’s review of what is needed to create a federal comprehensive strategy for school safety and security and the federal partnerships between the Departments of Education, Justice, Homeland Security and the FCC that can advance the effort. Read more.

Data points on K-12 school infrastructure, school violence and what U.S. states are doing to address it. What’s needed is to create a comprehensive federal strategy for improving school security. Read more.

Some classroom barricade devices can impede egress and may not be operable by small children or people with certain disabilities. The use of security devices that do not comply with the requirements of the life safety codes can delay or prevent building occupants from exiting. Read more.