About Us

America’s 100,000 K-12 public schools are, on average, nearly 45 years old. That means our schools, serving nearly 50 million students as well as 6 million teachers and staff, are not necessarily equipped to handle the unprecedented safety and security threats faced in today’s world. And that’s why the Secure Schools Alliance (the Alliance) was started – to convene education, public safety, fire, police, policy makers, parents, industry and community organizations and address the physical safety and security of our nation’s schools.

The Alliance is focused on improving our schools’ security infrastructure, security technology and life safety systems as one channel to better protect our kids and teachers. We recognize there’s no single solution to making our schools safer. It requires a holistic approach – physical safety and security, mental health, training, among other things.

Prior to the Alliance, no other organization was focused on school infrastructure and technology needs as a part of that holistic approach. Simply put, physical safety and security is where we see a need to make a difference and are able to do so.