The Secure School Alliance conducted a comprehensive public domain scan of state legislation related to all aspects of school safety and security, including: facility security and assessment requirements, creation and identification of roles and responsibilities for state school safety centers and school safety teams/committees, requirements for school administrators and faculty, allocation of funds for improving school safety and security, and all-hazards emergency planning and preparedness. This work was completed with the support of the Police Foundation and Dr. Erroll Southers.


Promising Practices

● Requires and all-hazards approach to emergencies that includes the involvement of the chief executive officer of the municipality, the superintendent of schools, law enforcement, fire, public health, emergency management, and emergency medical services.

● Requires understanding of NIMS and the creation of a command center structure.

● Requires that a school security and safety committee be established at each school.

● Requires that local law enforcement and public safety officials evaluate, score, and provide feedback on drills

● Requires that the board of education conduct a security and vulnerability assessment for each school every two years and develop a school security and safety plan for each school based on its individual assessment

● Requires that every employee be provided their school security and safety plan and be provided violence prevention training

● Extends the “School Security Infrastructure Competitive Grant Program” by one year, allowing schools to apply through June 30, 2017. (School Security Infrastructure Competitive Grant Program)

● Grant money is to be used for the development or improvement of security infrastructure at schools. (School Security Infrastructure Competitive Grant Program)

State of Connecticut

The legislative review utilized open source research, and encompasses all legislation that was officially codified by January 13, 2017.

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