The Secure School Alliance conducted a comprehensive public domain scan of state legislation related to all aspects of school safety and security, including: facility security and assessment requirements, creation and identification of roles and responsibilities for state school safety centers and school safety teams/committees, requirements for school administrators and faculty, allocation of funds for improving school safety and security, and all-hazards emergency planning and preparedness. This work was completed with the support of the Police Foundation and Dr. Erroll Southers.


Promising Practices

● Requires development and maintenance of site-specific, NIMS-compliant all-hazard safety and emergency preparedness plans

● Requires the creation of a school safety team and collaboration with the Delaware Department of Safety and Homeland Security and relevant first responders

● Requires critical incident and tabletop exercises at least once per year and at least two lockdown drills per school year

● Requires plan to be reviewed annually and for all revisions to be submitted to the Department of Safety and Homeland Security for certification

● All school safety plans are stored online on the state’s Emergency Response Information Portal, which allows first responders to access them too.

● The Delaware Comprehensive School Safety Model includes National Information Management System (NIMS) information and education; best practices responses to a number of potential emergency events; and addresses things such as: accident at school, aircraft crash, air pollution alert, allergic reaction animal disturbance, biological agent, bomb threat, bus accident, chemical accident, civil disturbance, criminal act, death of a student/staff, earthquake explosion, fire, hostage situation, intruder, irrational behavior/medical emergency, missing/kidnapped student, national terrorism advisory system, pandemic influenza, public demonstration, sexual assault, storm/severe weather, student riot, suicide attempt, suspicious package, threats/assaults, and weapons.

State of Delaware

The legislative review utilized open source research, and encompasses all legislation that was officially codified by January 13, 2017.

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