The Secure School Alliance conducted a comprehensive public domain scan of state legislation related to all aspects of school safety and security, including: facility security and assessment requirements, creation and identification of roles and responsibilities for state school safety centers and school safety teams/committees, requirements for school administrators and faculty, allocation of funds for improving school safety and security, and all-hazards emergency planning and preparedness. This work was completed with the support of the Police Foundation and Dr. Erroll Southers.


Promising Practices

● Requires the Virginia Center for School and Campus Safety to provide a standardized report format for school safety audits.

● Requires all schools to conduct annual school safety audits, that include a walk-through, and are made available to the chief local law enforcement officer with jurisdiction over the school.

● Requires each superintendent to establish a school safety audit committee to review the completed audits and submit plans for improving school safety, if needed.

● Requires each school to have a written school crisis, emergency management, and medical emergency response plan and to provide copies of it to the chief law enforcement, fire, emergency medical services, and emergency management official of the jurisdiction.

● Requires the plan to be reviewed annually, no later than August 31 of each year.

● Requires the Virginia Public School Authority to issue bonds for the purpose of grant payments to eligible school districts to be used for purchasing and installing security equipment. These bonds, and the grants made from them, are in addition to all other grants and are not to replace or be in lieu of other funds.

● Authorizes $6.0 million per year in grant funding through five-year equipment notes issued by the Virginia Public School Authority, with the debt service paid from the Literary Fund. (This equates to $3333 per school.)

● Requires the Virginia Center for School and Campus Safety to provide training for stakeholders; develop, review, and disseminate resources and legislation; facilitate the annual school safety audits; provide technical assistance; and, develop partnerships to promote school safety and campus in Virginia

Commonwealth of Virginia

The legislative review utilized open source research, and encompasses all legislation that was officially codified by January 13, 2017.

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